Dyable White Nylon Buggy Kit

  • Dyable White Nylon Buggy Kit

King Motor Dyeable White Nylon Kit for KM Buggies


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White Buggy Kit

Ever wanted to change the look of your car? Well this white kit makes it easier than ever. White parts have a cool clean look or can be dyed to give you a one of a kind colour.

Check out dyes here: Rit Powder & Liquid Dye's

Excludes Rims & Beadlocks but can be found here: Rims | Beadlocks

Kit Contains:
1x B090 (£4.99), x2 B005n(£7.98),
1x B089 (£2.99), x1 B113(£2.99),
2x B108 (£9.98), x1 B100(£2.99),
2x B111(£3.98), x2 B001n(£9.98),
2x B110(£2.98), x1 B036(£2.49),
1x B033(£2.49), x2 B060n(£2.98),
1x B112(£2.99), x2 B059n(£2.98),
2x B067(£4.98), x2 B007,(£7.98)
2x B068(£2.98), x1 B032,(£3.49)
2x B069(£2.98), x1 B034(£2.49),
2x B006(£9.98), x1 B037(£2.49),
x2 B002(£9.98), x1 B038(£2.49),
x1 B009(£1.99), x1 B010(£1.99),
x2 B022(£2.98), x4 B020(£5.96),
x2 B109(£4.98), x1 B103(£1.49),
x4 A074(£3.96), x2 A073(£2.98),
x2 A072 (£2.98), x8 D03(£19.92)

Great Price would cost over £150 if parts were purchased separately.

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