FlySky GPS Sensor Module

FlySky GPS Sensor Module

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FlySky GPS Sensor Module

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FlySky GPS Sensor Module


The FS-CGPS01 adopts the NEO-M8Q chip, supports GPS, Galileo, Beidou and other satellite systems, and features high sensitivity, short acquisition time, strong anti-interference ability and low power consumption.


Brand Name: FlySky

Item Name: FS-CGPS01 GPS

Model: FS-CGPS01

Master Chip: NEO-MBQ

Satellite Systems Supported: GPS | Galileo | Beidou

Numbers of Statellites Searched: > 12

Tracking: -167dBm

Capture: -160dBm

Cold Start: -148dBm

Hot Start: -157d Bm

Cold Start Time: Average 265

Hot Start Time: Average Is

Positioning Accuracy: 0.3 degrees

Accuracy of Speed Measurement: 0.05 m/s

Time Accuracy: RMS 99% 30ns

LED : Yes

Frequengy Range: 1559NH – 1606 MHZ

Update Frequency: 10Hz

Data Format : i-BUS

Input Power: 4.0 ~ 8.4V

Temperature Range: -15°C~ +60°C

Humidity Range: 20%6 ~ 95%6

Dimensions : 52.4*50^18.5mm

Weight: 30g

Certification: CE.FCC


Ensure that the product and model are installed correctly before use, otherwise, the model may be seriously damaged.

Keep the GPS installed horizontally, install it higher than the machine body as far as possible, and keep it away from high current and strong magnetic objects;

Avoid overexertion to damage any objects;

If the bracket is not installed, please stick the GPS to the model frame using 3M.

If you need to install the bracket, please stick the GPS on the bracket using 3M and keep the following installation status.

Package Included:


Colour: Black

Position: Front

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Colour Black
Position Front
Brand Fly Sky
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