Terms of use



By placing a bid / purchasing this or any other product ("Item") from Seller or Seller's affiliates (collectively known as "Seller"), no matter in which venue or location the sale is consummated, you ("Purchaser") represent that you are of legal age (16 years or older) to use this Item, and enter into this agreement, and become bound by its terms.
There are inherent risks involved in using any product, even while using protective equipment (which Purchaser is responsible to investigate and obtain), including but not limited to: serious physical injury, and possibly death.
Purchaser acknowledges that Seller is neither the manufacturer of this item nor an agent of the manufacturer. Purchaser waives all liability of seller and claims against seller for damages, losses, costs, injuries, penalties, expenses, attorney's fees and liabilities of whatever nature whether in tort, contract, warranty or strict liability, including without limitation those resulting from injuries or deaths of persons and damages to property resulting from, or arising out of or in connection with the use of this Item, loss or liability resulting from negligence, operational deficiencies or failures, acts of God, or other cause (whether such causes are avoidable or not) caused in whole or in part, directly or indirectly by Purchaser, Seller's employees, representatives, agents or third parties (collectively, "specified claims").
Under no circumstances is Seller responsible for special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, even if Purchaser has been advised of their possible existence.

When purchasing items on our website you may add a coupon code these coupon codes cannot be used on cars and cannot be used in conjuction with other any other offers.

Coupon codes may be created for our afiliate program, RCModelz takes no responsibility for how these codes are marketed RCModelz is entitled to terminate and/or suspend the Affiliate from their Program at any time, giving reasonable notice where possible.

Website offers are not valid in-store or over the phone without the use of click and collect, coupon codes are only redeemable online.


The vehicles sold by Rcmodelz are advanced models and will require knowledge of them to be able to maintain and repair them. If you are unable or unwilling to do this, then we regrettably ask you not to purchase any of our vehicles.


Receiving your goods;

Once you have received your Vehicle, please refer to our starter guide which is under diagrams on the top right hand corner of our home page, Email copy can be sent at buyers request.
We expect upon receiving your vehicle you check through all the nuts, bolts and screws, tighten and use thread lock where needed. Grease your diffs and fill your shocks with shock oil with the weight required on your terrain.

You will also need to fit and aftermarket kill switch as these are extremely powerful vehicles, and can cause a lot of damage if out of control! If you are not wanting to fit a kill switch then please do not purchase one of these vehicles, as these vehicles could not only cause damage to yourself, your car but also to others.

We would also like to note that if you have ordered a car with a painted bodyshell there may be slight marks some edges or flaking as the quality of paint being used by manufacturer isn’t always perfect, if this is an issue we advise you to buy a clear bodyshell.

You should inspect the products when you receive them for defects or damage. Items delivered by courier which are clearly damaged on delivery must be signed for as such or refused and returned to us.


Faulty, errors, missing or damaged items;

Before accepting delivery from courier packaging should be inspected for damage, if packaging is clearly damaged it must be signed for as such or refused and returned to us.
You should inspect the products when received for defects, damage or not as advertised.
If we have dispatched an incorrect item, we will make an exchange and pay agreed costs of returning the item (must be sent 2nd class signed for). For large or valuable items, please contact us in the first instance and we will discuss the best course of action.

Non-delivery of an Order needs to be reported to us within 7 working days of the date of dispatch.  
Dispatch is confirmed by e-mail. If an item is lost or delayed in transit, we may not dispatch a replacement immediately as the courier will have a set amount of time before it is deemed lost.
Resent or replacement items will be dispatched at our discretion or subject to availability, once all tracking and investigative avenues have been exhausted. This may include waiting up to 30-45 days from dispatch for undelivered mail to be returned to us, depending on the delivery country.



Due to the nature of the products we sell and the environment they operate in, breakages can occur. We give a 30 day in store warranty on the electrics on the vehicle from date of purchase, we would expect you to remove faulty parts and return it to us for warranty, and all warranty Parts will be inspected by Rcmodelz and are aimed to be dispatched the same day upon receiving faulty part, after the 30 days any parts will be sent to the manufactuers for inspection during the rest of the manufactuers warranty. Engines and drivetrain are excluded from any warranty due to the nature of the hobby and the requierment that is required to tune and operate them.

When claiming under a warranty the product or defective parts must be removed and returned to us for examination (via 2nd class signed for post). You will be notified by email if your claim is valid in which case it will be repaired or replaced and sent back to you. If the product or parts are not covered by the warranty a quote will be supplied for repair also you will be required to cover any postal fees. All warranty claims are for Purchaser only and require original proof of purchase, warranty is none transferable.

The Goods usually come with a manufacturer's warranty. The scope and duration of the warranty varies from product to product and will usually cover manufacturing defects but not physical damage cause by crashing, abuse, water ingress or general wear and tear or if Goods have been misused, altered or repaired without our approval. You should refer to the terms of the warranty supplied with the Goods. You may contact us in the first instance and we will usually inspect the Goods and may be able to deal with your query through a phone call or email. You should not make any further use of Goods where you discover a defect as this may affect your rights under the manufacturer's warranty. Any Goods which need to be returned for these purposes should always be clean and not covered in dirt. You should also complete any warranty card details to claim under a manufacturer's warranty and provide a copy of your receipt together with a note detailing the problem and the reason for the return.

All warranty claims decisions are final. Purchaser knowingly and freely assumes all risks of ownership and use, known and unknown.


Reselling, loaning or transferring;

If purchaser loans, re-sells, gifts, or transfers the item, Purchaser will obtain transferee's agreement of all the terms contained herein. Should any legal cause of action arise, the buyer agrees to defend seller, and hold harmless, and forever release the seller, from any and all legal liability.

Purchaser agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Seller harmless from and against any and all specified claims. Seller hereby disclaims all claims, express and implied, with respect to this Item, including without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or that the Item is free from latent defects. Purchaser has had the opportunity to contact Seller to ask any questions regarding this Item prior to purchase. Item is sold in its current as/is condition as described subject only to warranty for repairs if offered.


Order we may decline;

Due to fraud and other reasons, we reserve the right to limit sales to certain countries, and the right to block / cancel sales for any reason, such as where seller protection is not available from PayPal. We reserve the right to cancel an order or terminate a sale for any reason. We will not be obligated to honour any item prices or shipping quotes offered incorrectly due to computer or human error.
We may contact you by telephone or email to verify details before we are able to process and dispatch your Order or we may be unable to accept it. For example, we may do this if your Order is of particularly high value, or, if paying by card, you request a different delivery address.



All items are 100% brand-new, and not refurbished in any way, unless the listing specifically states otherwise. Boxes may be opened for the purpose of testing, inspecting, photographing, adding additional padding/packaging/instruction supplements, or ensuring the completeness of the item and to check all electrics work before despatched.

Fitment is correct at time of listing, but manufacturing can change and parts can change. This can then require slight modification in order to fit. Some upgrades are tested to fit with stock parts and not other upgrade and this is not a fault or warrantly claim. we are happy to take item back if they do not fit providing they show not signs of fitment or any marks that will affect reselling. But if returned under fitment it is at buyers expense.


We respectfully ask that you do not purchase if you do not agree to these terms: