Switchblade Kill Switch - V2

Switchblade Kill Switch - V2

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Switchblade Kill Switch - V2

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Switchblade Kill Switch - V2

Switchblade failsafe safety system V2 for 1/5 scale petrol models.

An improved design that offers more functionality over its predecessor with a 2amp Auxillary output this killswitch is perfect for Kingmotor, HPI Baja, FG, MCD and XRC models

Have you ever wondered what might happen if your throttle servo jammed, your battery failed or you simply wanted to kill the engine quickly in an emergency? Think about what could happen if you run the vehicle in a public park!

Avoid an expensive repair bill in the event of a 'run away'

The Switchblade failsafe unit gives you the ability to remote kill your engine from your transmitter.

The switchblade unit will also go into 'kill mode' if your receiver battery dies, or you loose radio signal (I.e switching off transmitter) making it the complete safety system.

Completely water tight!

You must have a 3 channel radio system with a spare channel available in order to use this unit.

  • Easy to install
  • Ultra small size, making is easy to fit into even the smallest of radio boxes.
  • Simply connects to a spare channel at your receiver (Typically channel 3)
  • Ultra bright blue led tells you the status of the switchblade unit (and looks great)
  • Wires into existing engine kill switch, meaning that the original red button kill switch is still fully functional
  • Comes with a 2amp Auxillary Output

Fully compatible with the following 3channel radio sets, and more

  • Spektrum
  • Ansmann W3
  • Ansmann W6
  • Airtronics
  • ACE RC PS3
  • Futaba ppm
  • Nutech
  • Flysky FS-GT3B / C
  • Flysky FS-GT5
  • Flysky FS-IT4
  • Eurgle
  • HPI TF-10 FM
  • HPI TF-40 2.4 ghz
  • Core-RC
  • JR
  • Hitec
  • KO Propo EX10 Helios
  • Carson Pro 2
  • Absima CR3P / CR4P

If you are unsure if your radio is kill switch compatible please feel free to contact me

This high quality kit comes complete with fitting instructions and pictures showing installation

Please note: This unit is NOT suitable for nitro models

Some plugs can give feedback causing the killswitch to kick in and do its job. So you may need to change plug (cmr7h) or add a brownout lead

Colour: Black

Position: Engine

Compatible with: HPI Baja 5B, KM Buggy, Rovan Buggy, KM Blade, Q-Baja, KM T1000, HPI Baja 5T, HPI Baja 5SC, Losi 5ive-T, TLR 5ive-B,Losi Mini WRC,King Motor X2,30 Degree North Truck,30 Degree North Buggy,FID Dragon Hammer,FID Dragon Hammer V2,MCD RR5,MCD W5,VEKTA.5,VEKTA.5TT,

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CarFID Dragon Hammer V2, TLR 5ive-B, 30 Degree North Truck, 30 Degree North Buggy, Rovan Buggy, Losi DBXL, KM Buggy, FID Dragon Hammer, HPI Baja 5B, HPI Baja 5SC, HPI Baja 5T, King Motor X2, KM Blade, KM T1000, Losi 5ive-T, Losi Mini WRC, MCD RR5, MCD W5, Q-Baja, VEKTA.5, VEKTA.5TT
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