Rovan 01

Rovan 01 "Stealth" Baja

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Rovan 01 "Stealth" Baja

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Rovan 01 "Stealth" Baja

Get ready to join the 1/5th Scale World


Note: This car now comes with a USB Charger not a 3 Pin Wall Charger

Rovan's basic platform, perfect for you to get started in 1/5th Scale RC with a huge selection of upgrades available you can build a perfect car tailored to your own unique driving style.

These New Buggy's from Rovan, The "STEALTH" they make a perfect entry level 1/5th scale buggy, It comes with a 4 bolt 29cc two stroke engine and high quality Nylon and Alloy parts, that ensure you get the most for your hard earned money.

  • 4 Bolt 29cc Engine
  • Nylon Roll Cage
  • Tuned Exhaust
  • New Design Nylon Arms
  • VVC/HD Shock Absorbers
  • Bow-Tie Tyres all round & Six Spoke Nylon Rims
  • Alloy Differential
  • FSGT3B 2.4 GHz Radio System

4 Bolt 29cc Engine

A new Rovan 4 bolt 29cc engine has been Installed, which is a massive improvement over the previous 26cc two stroke engine's, and makes them ideal for Bashing or Racing alike.

Nylon Roll Cage

Strong and flexible nylon roll cage to help protect your car and engine top during those rolls and bad landings

Tuned Exhaust

A great high performance rear fitting pipe that exits out under the rear wing protected by the rear lower guards, Comes in a Nice Chrome finish

New Design Nylon Arms

Not only do the new design arms look better they are also much stronger than older counterparts as they are now made with high quality nylon. This means they will be able to take lots of abuse before they fail.

VVC/HD Shock Absorbers

These are the same shocks featured on all our cars, But these have Black Alloy Caps, & Black Alloy spring Perches, oil-filled, ultra-durable, adjustable dampening and threaded body allows for adjustable ride height. Heavy duty shafts and coils mean these are built to last.

6 Spoke Nylon Rims & Heavy Duty Beadlocks

The Buggy is fitted all round with a set of 6 Spoke Rims, the 6 spoke design ensures high strength and light weight whilst also looking awesome, They are also fitted with a full set of Heavy Duty Beadlocks to prevent warping and improve tyre clamping .

Bow-Tie Tyres

We know that these buggies are going to be used and abused this is why it has a Full set of BOW-TIE Tyres installed. These tyres have the classic Lug design that has been tested on a wide variety of surfaces and work best on Mud & Grass. As well as this, we also stock a huge range of tyres, meaning you will always be able to find a tyre to suit your chosen terrain.

Alloy Diff

Comes with an upgraded alloy diff which takes the 10mm cups rather than the smaller 8mm which were used on weaker plastic models. Because of this the diff will last longer and perform better than its plastic counterpart. It is also tuneable to any situation using different diff oils all available from us.

9mm Driveshafts

These are fitted with the Thicker driveshafts, they are Super strong 9mm thick steel shafts .

Alloy Pinion Carrier

One of the first things to be improved is the standard Nylon Pinion carriers, These new ones come with the Upgraded Alloy ones already fitted, which gives you greater piece of mind for the life of your drivetrain.


The Buggy is fitted with the new RS 2145D Servo's on the Steering, and an RS 1015D Servo's on the Throttle & Brakes, giving you superb steering, with Responsive throttle & Strong Brakes.

FSGT3B 2.4 GHz Radio System

All our cars come with 2.4 GHz radio systems, this is a major improvement over the old style transmitters which were prone to interface and range issues. 3 Channels and tons of tweaking options make this one of the most popular transmitters available. All these great features add up to make a great buggy, perfect for the beginners and experts alike.


  • Scale: 1/5
  • 4 Bolt 29cc 2 Stroke Rovan Engine
  • Tuned Pipe
  • Black Alloy VVC Suspension
  • Alloy Differential
  • Heavy Duty Beadlocks
  • Brake: Centre Disc Brake
  • Large fuel tank for long runs
  • Strong Nylon Roll Cage
  • Walbro 997 adjustable carburettor with choke & primer bulb
  • Wheel type: 6 Spoke Nylon
  • System: HD metal gears with sealed gear box (8.382:1 gear ratio)
  • Stiff Anodized Black Aluminium Chassis
  • Fully adjustable oil filled shocks to dampen any terrain
  • LxWxH: 810x470x280mm
  • Weight: 11.38kg
  • Wheelbase: 570mm
  • Suspension travel: Front 95mm / Rear 100mm
  • Tire Track: Front 415mm/ Rear 420mm
  • Steering servo: Hi torque Rovan Jumbo Servo 45kg Digital Metal Servo 15t
  • Throttle servo: Hi torque Rovan Throttle Servo 18kg Digital Metal Servo 25t

29cc Engine

Tuned Exhaust Pipe

Rovan Stealth Baja Side View

9mm Driveshafts

Adjustable Shocks


Once your Car is received

Please ensure you check your car over for any loose nuts and Bolts, Threadlock as required. Please also check oil levels in your shocks and Differentials and Fill if required BEFORE use. As failure of any parts due to lack of oil or loose parts will not be covered under warranty.

Please Refer to the Starter Guide on our website for any Help before running your car

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The buggy has a fail-safe built into the receiver. What a fail-safe does is in the event of the buggy losing signal from the transmitter is to move the servo to the brake/neutral position (user to set up). This however relies on battery power. So, if your battery goes flat or your servo fails, it will not work. This means it has multiple points of failure meaning it is not a sure way to stop your car from losing control. Your best option is to purchase a kill switch and not rely on the Radio Failsafe.
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