FlySky Noble NB4 - Killswitch Compatibilty Guide


Flysky Noble NB4 Killswitch Compatibility

When first turning on the Noble NB4 handset, channel 3 is assigned to the Rotating toggle switch VR1, while this will work, it isn’t ideal to use as a Killswich in an emergency, it is better to have an ‘On & Off’ style switch/button, so we recommend you change the 3rd channel placement to a more suitable button, one like SW2 or SW3, this can be done by the following steps –

  1. On the main screen, press the ‘Menu Icon’ button
  2. Once in the Menu, on the third row press the ‘Assign’ button
  3. This will take you to the Button menu, from here pick the button you’d like to use,
  4. Once you chose a button, it will give you the options of which channel you’d like to use, if you pick the ‘Channel 3’ option, the chosen killswitch button will need to be held until the engine is killed, but once released it will reset the killswitch to Run mode.
  5. If the ‘Tog Channel 3’ option is chosen, then it will kill the engine once pressed, and must then be repressed to re-arm the engine.

We have tested it will work with multiple 3rd channel Killswitches,

How to get the FlySky Noble-NB4 working with your Switchblade Killswitch/Failsafe

To make it work with the SWITCHBLADE 3rd channel killswitches, you must alter the Receiver frequency, this is done in the main menu,

  1. Go into the main menu, and on the Bottom row, press the ‘RX Set’ button, in there you then press the ‘Servo Frequency’ option,
  2. In there you will find 3 options,
  1. You must change the setting to ‘Analog’ or change the ‘Custom’ rate below 360Hz (359Hz)