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KM BLADE Baja Buggy 34cc


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KM BLADE Baja Buggy
Clear Body Panels

Ready To Run

(Just add petrol, 2 stroke oil, & 8-AA controller batteries)

This is the New KM Blade 5B Buggy
These come with the New KM 4 bolt 34CC 2 stroke engine's,
Which is fitted with a Walbro carburetor 1191 carb
H-CMR6 Spark plug
High performance 8000RPM clutch
Duel stage filter
And their New Easy start pullstart system fitted
Along with a Ghost Pipe
These are a Power house of an engine

New KM 34cc Engine

All New Redesigned Cylinder, Crankcase, Crankshaft, & Piston, etc for an Absolute Explosion of Power
This KM 34cc engine has a 38mm bore, and 30mm stroke, Giving 34.023cc in its stock form.
These come with a upgraded King Motor 8000 high response clutch & spring already fitted So it's ready to drop into your application of choice.

Buggy Specs

They come with a CNC machining (Billet 6061) Chassis
New Orange suspension arms use PA66 material
Large-bore shocks & shafts with threaded adjusters
Roll cage and body "TRITON" BLADE 5B (Clear body)
Black Pioneer Truck Wheels
Pioneer Tyres Front & Rear
Orange Heavy Duty Beadlocks all round

Drive Train:

17T Pinion Gear and 57T nylon Spur gear
6MM driving shafts

Electronic Equipment :

6V 2000MAH nicked metal hydride set with short circuit protection inside.
Throttle servo: KM-2013 20KG throttle servo
Steering servo:KM-3318 35KG steering servo.

Radio Gear:

GT3B 3-channel 2.4GHZ digital radio high response system.
Transmitter & Receiver with Built in Failsafe


  • New KM 34cc, 2-stroke, Engine
  • H-CMR6 Spark plug
  • Ghost Tuned Pipe
  • Walbro 1191 carb
  • New 6061 CNC alloy Chassis for strength & Reduced weight
  • Large-bore shocks with threaded adjusters
  • Large Two-stage air filter system
  • High duty throttle servo for braking (20kg)
  • High torque metal gear steering servo (35kg)
  • Extra-large fuel tank for long Run Times
  • Tunable, sealed viscous differential
  • Multi-piece beadlock off-road wheels
  • Impact-absorbing bumpers
  • 6V 2000mAh Hump Pack receiver battery with charger

  • Fly Sky GT3B Transmitter

  • Model Memory
  • Servos NOR/REV
  • Steering Trim
  • Throttle Trim
  • Dual Rate
  • End Point
  • ABS Settings
  • EXP Settings
  • Trainer Port (for VRC)
  • CE & FCC certified

  • Transmitter Specification

  • Channels : 3 Channels
  • Model type : car/boat
  • RF range : 2.40-2.48GHz
  • Bandwidth : 500Hz
  • Band : 160
  • RF power : less than 20DB
  • 2.4G system : AFHDS
  • Code type : GFSK
  • Sensitivity : 1024
  • Low voltage warning : yes(less than 9V)
  • DSC por t: yes(3.5mm:output:PPM)
  • ST range : 90
  • TH range : 45(F:30;B:15)
  • Charger port : yes
  • Power : 12V DC(1.5AA*8)
  • Weight : 328g
  • ANT length : 26mm
  • Size : 159 x 99 x 315mm
  • Colour : Black
  • Certificate : CE,FCC

  • Included Items :

    Radio Gear 2.4 GHZ
    Battery 2000 MAH
    UK Charger
    Wheel Spanner
    Sparkplug tool
    Multi-function wrench
    Fuel Mixing Bottle
    Full Livery Sticker Sheet

    Car size:
    817mm 480mm 320mm

    Once your Car is received -
    Please ensure you check your car over for any loose nuts and Bolts,
    Threadlock as required.
    Please also check oil levels in your shocks and Differentials and Fill if required BEFORE use.
    As failure of any parts due to lack of oil or loose parts will not be covered under warranty.

    Please Refer to the Starter Guide on our website for any Help before running your car

    1/5th Scale Petrol RC Car Starter Guide

    Click on any of the below titles to view the manuals exploded diagram:

    View FileFS-GT3B Manual    Size: (28.72 MB) User Manual for the FS-GT3B Transmitters
    View FileBuggy Manual    Size: (3 MB) King Motor KSRC3.0

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    what size pinion and spur these got? I put a km34 in my Baja with a booster pipe ( Stock gearing ) need to gear it up . Thinking either 20 or 21 pini
    Hello Adam

    As per the listing write up they have a - 17T Pinion Gear and 57T nylon Spur gear.

    Kind Regards
    Team RCMz
    Team RCMZ answered on 15 October 2018
    is this 4WD
    Hello Jake,

    No, these are based on the "BAJA" platform, so they are 2wd like most normal Baja's.

    Kind Regards
    Team RCMz
    Team RCMZ answered on 23 November 2018
    Has this got the same upgrades the km 02 has ? Cheers
    Hi Steve,

    Nope this doesn't have the same upgrades as the KM002.This car has a bigger engine, comes with a Triton Blade 5B Cage and there are a few other changes with the buggy in comparison to a KM002

    Kind Regards,
    Nathan . answered on 11 January 2019
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