King Motor X2 Clear 30.5cc Ported

King Motor X2 Clear 30.5cc Ported


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King Motor X2
Clear body

Ready To Run

(Just add petrol, 2 stroke oil, & 8-AA controller batteries)

King Motors new truck is pushing the boundaries even further
Bigger Faster, & Stronger
The X2 features a 4WD drivetrain, ported 30.5cc engine & Super Strong construction throughout.



New Ported 30.5cc 'REV' engine

With such a large and powerfull truck you need a Powerful engine to match
This is why the X2 features King Motor's Newest and most Powerful engine
A ported 30.5cc
This engine provides serious power and makes the Truck faster than you could believe
Because of all these awesome features KM have Also fitted it with a high performace NGK sparkplug and Walbro 997 carb to make sure the engine performs it's best.




To provide snappy & responsive steeering and acceleration the X2 uses KM's newest servos
Rated at 45KG on both the throttle and the steering, there will be no issues with unresponsive or slow servos.



The X2 features aluminium shocks with over-sized 7mm shock shafts, designed to stand up to massive punishment.
Adjustable threads and a wide variety of available shock oils mean you can tune them to suit any terrain.


Silver Coated KM Fat Boy Pipe

The lightweight Fat Boy Tuned Pipe has been designed to get the most power from the engine
It is mounted to the chassis as well as the Engine
This mounting reduces engine to chassis stress making the exhaust great for race days when you need the edge on your competition.
Now Silver Colour Coated (not shown in pic)to help protect from rust



The ultimate off-road system, the 4WD in the X2 will handle any terrain thrown at it.
High quality metal gears are used to provide the best performance and durability possible.

  • New Rev 30.5cc, 2-stroke, Engine
  • NGK spark plug
  • Power Tuned Pipe
  • Walbro 997 carb
  • New 7075 alloy 5mm chassis with CNC machining for strength & Reduced weight
  • Large-bore shocks with 7mm shafts & threaded adjusters
  • Large Two-stage air filter system
  • High duty throttle servo for braking (45KGS)
  • High torque metal gear steering servo (45KGS)
  • Adjustable bias dual-disc braking system
  • Extra-large 800cc fuel tank
  • Three tunable, sealed viscous differentials
  • Multi-piece beadlock off-road wheels
  • Impact-absorbing bumpers
  • Innovative sealed clutch mount with cooling fins
  • CVD drive shafts used throughout
  • 6V 4800mAh side by side receiver battery with charger

  • LxWxH: 965x527x311mm
  • Wheel: 120.6mm
  • Net weight: 18KGS
  • Gross weight: 25KGS

  • Fly Sky 3T3B Transmitter
  • Model Memory
  • Servos NOR/REV
  • Steering Trim
  • Throttle Trim
  • Dual Rate
  • End Point
  • ABS Settings
  • EXP Settings
  • Trainer Port (for VRC)
  • CE & FCC certified

  • Transmitter Specification
  • Channels : 3 Channels
  • Model type : car/boat
  • RF range : 2.40-2.48GHz
  • Bandwidth : 500Hz
  • Band : 160
  • RF power : less than 20DB
  • 2.4G system : AFHDS
  • Code type : GFSK
  • Sensitivity : 1024
  • Low voltage warning : yes(less than 9V)
  • DSC por t: yes(3.5mm:output:PPM)
  • ST range : 90
  • TH range : 45(F:30;B:15)
  • Charger port : yes
  • Power : 12V DC(1.5AA*8)
  • Weight : 328g
  • ANT length : 26mm
  • Size : 159 x 99 x 315mm
  • Color : Clear
  • Certificate : CE,FCC

  • Once your Car is received -
    Please ensure you check your car over for any loose nuts and Bolts,
    Threadlock as required.
    Please also check oil levels in your shocks and Differentials and Fill if required BEFORE use.
    As failure of any parts due to lack of oil or loose parts will not be covered under warranty.

    Please Refer to the Starter Guide on our website for any Help before running your car

    1/5th Scale Petrol RC Car Starter Guide

    Click on any of the below titles to view the manuals exploded diagram:

    View FileFS-GT3B Manual    Size: (28.72 MB) User Manual for the FS-GT3B Transmitters
    View FileStarter Guide    Size: (66.29 KB) Things to check out of the box, Fuel mixture, Starting the buggy, Running in the engine, Carb settings, Maintenance, Fail safe, Kill switch
    View FileReccomended Diff Oil Weights for a Stock KM X2    Size: (173 KB)

    Product Questions

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    Do you sell the diff oil and shock oil?
    Yes Brad

    Simply search our store for what you need,
    It is in the 'Misc' section,
    'Under Shock, Diff & Other Oils'
    John Rcmodelz answered on 7 February 2018
    would this car be able to run on a 2 cell 7.4v lipo. without having to change servos. if i got this i would go spectrum so the tr/rx wont be a problem
    Yes, these are capable of running a 2s lipo without Any modifications
    John Rcmodelz answered on 5 September 2016
    Is spare shock and diff oils included?
    No brad, But they can be bought from our shop though should you ever need any
    John Rcmodelz answered on 7 February 2018
    How loud is the car when at full throttle and when idling Thanks
    We haven't used a professional decibel meter with the car
    But it's approximately 60dB at idle and approximately 90dB at Full throttle
    RC Modelz answered on 9 August 2016
    Where can you get another battery for this? Thanks
    On here.
    Just type 6v Flat in the search bar
    John Rcmodelz answered on 6 September 2017
    Is this car strong for doing a few small jumps? Thanks
    Yes it is but you can make even stronger
    John Rcmodelz answered on 27 June 2016
    Does it come with a fuel mixing bottle? Thanks
    Yes it does
    John Rcmodelz answered on 27 June 2016
    Does this come with any upgrades?
    John Rcmodelz answered on 1 August 2016
    what ratio of 2 stroke oil do you recommend? Thanks
    John Rcmodelz answered on 4 July 2016
    Would you recommend this??
    John Rcmodelz answered on 28 June 2016
    Hi! Do you send to Portugal? And what is the best price you can offer? In € please! Best regards
    Hi yes we ship worldwide, Shipping cost will be shown at checkout once you put your address details in and price is in £ sterling only
    John Rcmodelz answered on 11 March 2016
    How long is the warranty? Thanks
    There is only a 30 day warranty on the electrics. There is no warranty on car due to the nature of the hobbie.
    John Rcmodelz answered on 27 June 2016
    I heard if it's unleaded #93 you add 2 stroke oil Or if it's unleaded #97 you don t add oil is this correct Thanks
    No that is not correct you need the oil
    John Rcmodelz answered on 28 June 2016
    What country is the engine made in? many thanks
    John Rcmodelz answered on 4 July 2016
    Does the silenced pipe create back pressure? Or does it cause a slight drop in performance?
    The silenced pipe gives very slightly less top end speed
    But is exactly the same at the low & mid range
    The benefits are gained with the sound levels over the Unsilenced version
    RC Modelz answered on 9 August 2016
    Hi, how fast could this go at full speed? Thanks
    Hi Alex, this can reach up to speeds of 40 - 45mph on stock gearing
    RCModelz answered on 24 June 2016
    What type of fuel does it take? Thanks
    John Rcmodelz answered on 27 June 2016
    could the car be availeble with silenced pipe?
    This is no longer available with a silenced pipe as it was not popular. A silenced pipe can be purchased separately.
    John Rcmodelz answered on 1 August 2016
    Hi all, how would you compere this car with the 2wd fg marder
    This is completely different as its a 4 wheel drive so you will have a lot more control over it.
    John Rcmodelz answered on 1 August 2016