KM 002 Baja Buggy 29cc

KM 002 Baja Buggy 29cc


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KM 002 Baja Buggy
29cc Engine

Ready to Run
(Just add petrol, 2 stroke oil, & 8-AA controller batteries)

As with all the 002 range, the upgrades have been handpicked and tested to make sure they offer the most performance, strength and durability.
More cost effective over the Alternatives, this 1/5th scale RC packs a punch way above its size,
An all-around high quality buggy with tons of great features.
High quality Black nylon parts, and a Orange and Yellow painted body shell mean this car looks Awesome.


4 Bolt 29cc Engine:
Instead of the stock 23cc engine there’s a hi-performance 29cc engine,


Tuned Exhaust:
A great high performance rear fitting pipe that exits out under the rear wing protected by the rear lower guards, Comes in a Nice Chrome finish


New Designed Nylon Arms:
Not only do the New design arms look Better,
They are also much stronger than their older counterparts
As they are now made with high quality nylon.
This means they will be able to take lot More abuse before they fail.


VVC/HD Shock Absorbers:
These are the same shocks Now featured on All our cars,
Oil-filled, Ultra durable, Adjustable dampening and Threaded bodies allow for adjustable ride height.
Heavy duty shafts and coils mean these are built to last.

Pioneer tyres and Poison Rims
The Pioneer tyres are designed to give your Baja optimal traction on just about any surface.
Specially designed treads give your car ridiculous amounts of forward bite and razor sharp cornering,
This design extends to the sidewall,making this one of, if not the best looking tyres available.
The specially designed tread also improves side-to-side stability and increased sidewall thickness to resist tearing.
As well as this we stock a huge range of tires, meaning you will always be able to find a tyre to suit your terrain & Needs.


Alloy Diff:
The Buggy Comes with upgraded alloy diff which takes 10mm cups rather than the smaller 8mm that are used on weaker plastic models.
Because of this the diff will last longer and perform better than its plastic counterpart.
It is also tuneable to any situation using different diff oils, Which are all available from us.



FSGT3B 2.4 GHz Radio System:
All our cars come with 2.4 GHz radio systems, this is a major improvement over the old style transmitters which were prone to interface and range issues.
3 Channels and tons of tweaking options make this one of the most popular transmitters available.


KM Gyro
By using a gyro sensor and software algorithm to adjust steering output,
You can have a more stable and controlled driving experience.

Pre-Installed Upgrade Parts:

  • 66026: Alloy Front Upper Plate = £12.99
  • 66027: Alloy Rear Upper Plate = £12.99
  • J026J027-O: Aluminum Front Shock Support Orange (Pair)= £17.99
  • J029J030-O: Alloy Front Shock Tower and Brace Orange = £11.49
  • J031-O: Alloy Rear Shock Brace Orange = £9.99
  • PBWPR: Pioneer Buggy Wheels Black Poison Rims Rear Pair = £34.99
  • PBWPF: Pioneer Buggy Wheels Black Poison Rims Front Pair = £32.49
  • 66069: Alloy Handled Toolkit = £12.99
  • 66030: Tuned Exhaust Pipe = £29.99

  • (If you were to install all these parts separately onto a stock KM001 it would cost over £175) meaning the KM002 is one of our most cost effective buggies equiped with some of the most popular upgrade parts.

    The Two upper plates and the mounts help to improve the buggy’s structural integrity,
    The Shock Towers & Braces really help to strengthen the bracing for the shocks
    All these & the car package, coupled with the Large Powerful engine, Mean this buggy really does Fly.

  • Scale: 1/5
  • 4 Bolt 29cc engine
  • Tuned Exhaust Pipe
  • VVC hard suspension
  • Alloy differential
  • Strong Beadlock
  • Brake: Rear disc brake
  • Large fuel tank for long runs
  • Strong Nylon roll cage to help protect the buggy from tumbles
  • Walbro 997 carburettor with choke
  • Wheel type: 3 pcs with high impact nylon with metal drive insert
  • System: HD metal gears with sealed gear box
  • (8.382:1 gear ratio)
  • Fully adjustable oil filled shocks to dampen any terrain
  • Sealed electronics box for use on wet days
  • Engine 2 cycle piston valve petrol engine
  • Air cooled, 29cc
  • Pre-mixed fuel, 25 (Petrol) : 1 (High grade 2 stroke oil)
  • Steering servo: Hi torque water resistant with Speed 0.16sec/60 degree
  • Throttle servo: Hi torque water resistant with Speed 0.16sec/60 degree
  • LxWxH: 817x480x255mm
  • Tire Track: Front 415mm/ Rear 420mm
  • Wheelbase: 570mm
  • Suspension travel: Front 95mm / Rear 100mm

  • Included Items:
  • Car
  • Radio Gear 2.4 GHZ Transmitter & Receiver with Built in Failsafe
  • FULL Alloy Toolkit
  • Spare Air Filter
  • Battery 2000 MAH
  • UK Charger
  • Owner’s Manual/Schematics
  • Whip Antenna
  • Mixing Fuel bottle

  • Double Boxed to avoid damage in transit or storage
  • Once your Car is received -
    Please ensure you check your car over for any loose nuts and Bolts,
    Threadlock as required.
    Please also check oil levels in your shocks and Differentials and Fill if required BEFORE use.
    As failure of any parts due to lack of oil or loose parts will not be covered under warranty.

    Please Refer to the Starter Guide on our website for any Help before running your car

    1/5th Scale Petrol RC Car Starter Guide

    Click on any of the below titles to view the manuals exploded diagram:

    View FileFS-GT3B Manual    Size: (28.72 MB) User Manual for the FS-GT3B Transmitters
    View FileStarter Guide    Size: (66.29 KB) Things to check out of the box, Fuel mixture, Starting the buggy, Running in the engine, Carb settings, Maintenance, Fail safe, Kill switch

    Product Questions

    • Submit your question to our community.

    Can it drive through rain??
    Yes as long as you ensure your radio box is waterproof
    RC Modelz answered on 30 December 2015
    Is there a battery pack available for the radio?
    The Flysky GT3b takes 8AA pencil batteries
    Rcmodelz answered on 16 May 2017
    Hi what is the run time for the reseiver battery on the km baja
    this is subjective as it depends on driving style as stock steering servo draws more power that throttle therefore someone driving more technical track will run battery down quicker that straight runs.
    John Rcmodelz answered on 20 December 2016
    is this model have dual discs brake?
    this model does have 2 disc as do all the baja and km buggies
    John Rcmodelz answered on 20 December 2016
    Hello, are the stock servos, radio and km killswitches 7.2v compatible?
    Please Email
    For a detailed answer
    Rcmodelz answered on 16 May 2017
    witch is better km or hpi
    i think that is a question for the forums not a shop
    John Rcmodelz answered on 20 December 2016
    Good afternoon ! Please pay delivery to Latvia? This model.
    Shipping quotes are given on the checkout page once you enter your address details.
    John Rcmodelz answered on 27 October 2017
    Apart from the usual checks for screws being tight, will i need to strip the buggy down and threadlock the diff as well, or is this already done?
    They dont always threadlock, When i take one home i strip them.
    John Rcmodelz answered on 23 November 2016
    What are the stock teeth numbers on this model? Thanks
    John Rcmodelz answered on 12 May 2017
    Hi rcmodelz team. What engine exactly is installed in the KM002. Is it the same engine that is in the KSRC001 (KM 001) standard kit? Thanks
    Hi Thomas
    These have the same great 4 bolt 29cc engine as the 001
    Rcmodelz answered on 19 June 2017
    Does the KM Baja come with a kill switch already installed as with the built in fail safe?
    The inbuilt one is to put the brakes on, not kill the engine,
    To do that you need a 3rd channel killswitch which will work with your radio

    We have several on our website
    But should you need any help
    Email us on
    John Rcmodelz answered on 13 November 2017
    how do you fit the kill switch and is there anything you need to do before the first run
    Kill switches come with fitting instructions.
    They fit from the receiver to the engine stop switch
    John Rcmodelz answered on 2 May 2017
    Are the servo horns plastic or metal?
    The stock ones are Plastic, But Alloy upgrades can be purchased
    John Rcmodelz answered on 2 March 2018
    Hello, what hp do the km engines produce? 23,29,30.5cc ,ect
    The Hp figures aren't given, but they are the same as All normal stock engines,
    The only people that give figures for Hp tends to be the engine Tuning guys
    Rcmodelz answered on 25 April 2017
    The a-arms look like rpm's, are they?
    No but are as strong as
    John Rcmodelz answered on 28 December 2016
    Hi, once ran in, what would be the top speed of this Baja? Thanks Chris
    Around 35-45mph depending on tune, and on stock gearing
    John Rcmodelz answered on 6 November 2017
    Do you sell sway bar kits for this buggy
    Hello Peter

    Yes we do,
    Look at part number - H106-B

    John Rcmodelz answered on 19 March 2018
    Hi when will you have this back in stock
    end of this week beginning of next
    John Rcmodelz answered on 10 April 2017
    when do you expect these to be back in stock, or cars in similar price range and performance?
    The new shipment is due to arrive soon,
    Same Great Spec,
    Same Fantastic Prices
    Rcmodelz answered on 4 April 2017
    Are all the extra parts in the list fitted.
    John Rcmodelz answered on 11 January 2017
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