AS150 Connectors (1 Pair)

AS150 Connectors (1 Pair)

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AS150 Connectors (1 Pair)

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AS150 Connectors (1 Pair)

This pack contains 1 set of male and 1 set of female AS150 connectors.

We recommend these connectors for use on 8AWG wire.

They can withstand a constant current draw of 70A and 150A in bursts.

They have a large temperature tollerance of betwen -20 to 120°C.


  • Pack Size - 1 set
  • Manufactuer - Amass
  • Constant Current - 70A
  • Burst Current - 150A
  • Recomended Wire Gage - 8AWG
  • Temp Range (degree C) - -20 to 120

Colour: N/A

Compatible with: HPI Baja 5B, KM Buggy, Rovan Buggy, KM Blade, Q-Baja, KM T1000, HPI Baja 5T, HPI Baja 5SC, Losi 5ive-T, TLR 5ive-B,Losi Mini WRC,King Motor X2,30 Degree North Truck,30 Degree North Buggy,FID Dragon Hammer,FID Dragon Hammer V2,MCD RR5,MCD W5,VEKTA.5,VEKTA.5TT,

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CarFID Dragon Hammer V2, TLR 5ive-B, 30 Degree North Truck, 30 Degree North Buggy, Rovan Buggy, Losi DBXL, KM Buggy, FID Dragon Hammer, HPI Baja 5B, HPI Baja 5SC, HPI Baja 5T, King Motor X2, KM Blade, KM T1000, Losi 5ive-T, Losi Mini WRC, MCD RR5, MCD W5, Q-Baja, VEKTA.5, VEKTA.5TT
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