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30 DNT Shortcourse Truck RTR

30 DNT Shortcourse Truck RTR

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30 DNT Shortcourse Truck RTR

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Regular Price: £699.99

Special Price £649.99


Red Alloy Version

(Pick your own bodyshell colour)

Short Course Truck

30DN Short Course Truck the perfect 4WD platform coming with the most durable body in the business.

Note: Exhaust Pipe displayed in Main Product Photo's has now changed to a two piece version of the conqueror exhaust pipe shown in description, if you expereience any leakages from the two piece portion of the pipe you will need to purchase a suitable exhaust hose or use exhaust paste to solve this.

  • 4WD Drivetrain
  • 30 Degree North 4 Bolt 29cc engine
  • *NEW* 30DN Conqueror Exhaust Pipe (See pic in description)
  • 30 Degree North 'Signature' Mini-Pin Tyres
  • 30DN Flexible Bodyshell

New 29cc 4 Bolt Engine

With such a large truck you need a Powerful engine to match and this is Exactly what you get with the New 30 Degree North 4 bolt engines, the 29cc engine provides seriously good power making the Truck faster than you'd think for such a Large truck, the 30DN Engines have a Much better casting than most of the other normal engines on the market.

Their engine casings on the flywheel side have more fins, and are tighter spaced, So you've less chance of debris getting through and causing damage to your flywheel, the casting on the Heads have more cooling ribs, Which are also larger in size, All helping to keep your engine cooler and your performance Up, They come with the proven Walbro 997 carbs fitted with a Choke and they're also fitted it with a high performace NGK sparkplug

All add up to make sure the engine's perform to their best.


Installed on the new 30 DNT are the Superb K-Power DM4000 HV Digital DC Servos

As a usual upgrade path for other RC's these provide a Snappy & Responsive Steering and Quick Acceleration however 30 Degree have installed these fantastic servos right out of the box meaning no further upgrading is needed

Rated at 54Kg / 0.11s on both the Throttle/Brake and the Steering, there will be No issues with unresponsive or slow servos.


The 30 DNT features Aluminium shocks with over-sized 7mm shock shafts, Designed to stand up to massive amounts of punishment.

They have Adjustable threads and a along with a wide variety of shock oils available to you means can tune them to suit any terrain you care to run your truck on.

30DN Conqueror Exaust Pipe

The 30 DNT is fitted with 30DN's brand new pipe the conqueror giving you the power that's needed to really get these large trucks going


The 30 DNT have High quality metal gears used throughout the trucks, To provide the best performance and durability possible. The Stock Gearing is 58 Tooth Spur Gear, With a 19 Tooth Pinion on the Engine, This gives the trucks great performance both off the line and top end but as with everything in largescale rc these can be changed with After-Market parts/gearing options.

30 Degree North 'Signature' Mini-Pin Tyres

30 Degree North have fitted their Superb Proven Mini-Pins all round on the 30 DNT these offer Awesome grip on Most Surfaces,Grass,Loose gravel,Dirt & Mud.

They have their own Logo incorperated into the Tread, hence being their 'Signature' Mini-Pins, They've now been tried an tested in the Real world, with Great success on several different styles of vehicles, Including Trucks & Buggies, in both 2wd & 4wd meaning they're a Great match to the New Truck giving Great Steering, Handling, Cornering Grip & Stopping Power.

30 Degree North 'Flexible' Bodyshells

Included with the 30 DNT is their Superb Flex Bodies, These offer a great way to customize your car, You can choose your Body colour when you purchase your truck with their Flexible body Panels, it makes the bodies 'Near Indestructible'

They come in a choice of colours:

  • Wine Red
  • Evening Blue
  • Opaque
  • Orange
  • And Black

These bodyshells Can also be Wrapped allowing you to add even more of your own Extra Personal touches to your Trucks. (Wraps are Purchased separately)

  • 6 piece Body Kit
  • Body Mount Washers
  • Full Body Screw Kit, Ready to bolt straight to your cage

On the bodies we also offer a 12 month limited warranty, This begins from the date of purchase and is valid is for broken 30 Degree's North bodyshell Panels. (We offer up to 3 replacements on each purchase)

How the Body Warranty Works

  1. The previous panel must be sent back to us before we will send out a replacement,
  2. We will only replace the returned broken panel.
  3. This Warranty excludes scratches, cuts, dents, burns, folds or other cosmetic wear and tear.
  4. The Orignal Proof of purchase is always required.
  5. The customer shall bear all shipping costs.
  6. The limited warranty extends only to the Original Purchaser of the product.
  7. Warranty is not assignable or transferable to any subsequent purchaser/end user.
  8. Any modifactions to the bodyshell voids this warranty (excluding stickers and wraps).
  9. We will not replace or reimburse any paint, stickers, decals or any other modifications thats been made to the bodyshell.

FSGT3B 2.4 GHz Radio System

All our cars come with 2.4 GHz radio systems, this is a major improvement over the old style transmitters which were prone to interface and range issues. 3 Channels and tons of tweaking options make this one of the most popular transmitters available. All these great features add up to make a great buggy, perfect for the beginners and experts alike.


  • 29cc, 2-stroke, Engine
  • NGK spark plug
  • 30DN Conqueror Exhaust Pipe
  • Walbro 997 carb
  • New 7075 alloy 5mm chassis with CNC machining for strength & Reduced weight
  • Large-bore shocks with 7mm shafts & threaded adjusters
  • Large Two-stage air filter system
  • K-Power DM4000 HV Digital DC Servos for Throttle/Braking (54Kg / 0.11s)
  • K-Power DM4000 HV Digital DC Servos for Steering (54Kg / 0.11s)
  • Adjustable bias dual-disc braking system
  • Extra-large 800cc fuel tank
  • Three tunable, sealed viscous differentials
  • Multi-piece beadlock off-road wheels
  • Impact-absorbing bumpers
  • Innovative sealed clutch mount with cooling fins
  • CVD drive shafts used throughout
  • 6V 4800mAh side by side receiver battery with charger
  • LxWxH: 965x527x311mm
  • Wheel: 120.6mm
  • Net weight: 18KGS
  • Gross weight: 25KGS

Fly Sky GT3B Transmitter

  • Model Memory
  • Servos NOR/REV
  • Steering Trim
  • Throttle Trim
  • Dual Rate
  • End Point
  • ABS Settings
  • EXP Settings
  • Trainer Port (for VRC)
  • CE & FCC certified

Transmitter Specification

  • Channels : 3 Channels
  • Model type : car/boat
  • RF range : 2.40-2.48GHz
  • Bandwidth : 500Hz
  • Band : 160
  • RF power : less than 20DB
  • 2.4G system : AFHDS
  • Code type : GFSK
  • Sensitivity : 1024
  • Low voltage warning : yes(less than 9V)
  • DSC por t: yes(3.5mm:output:PPM)
  • ST range : 90
  • TH range : 45(F:30;B:15)
  • Charger port : yes
  • Power : 12V DC(1.5AA*8)
  • Weight : 328g
  • ANT length : 26mm
  • Size : 159 x 99 x 315mm
  • Color : Clear
  • Certificate : CE,FCC

30DN Conqueror Exhaust Pipe

Red Body

Black Body

Blue Body

Wine Red Body

Orange Body

White Body


Once your Car is received

Please ensure you check your car over for any loose nuts and Bolts, Threadlock as required. Please also check oil levels in your shocks and Differentials and Fill if required BEFORE use. As failure of any parts due to lack of oil or loose parts will not be covered under warranty.

Please Refer to the Starter Guide on our website for any Help before running your car

Additional Information

Scale 1:5
Fuel Type Petrol
Brand 30 Degrees North
Car Type Short Course
Drive Type 4WD

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  1. If you are wondering if you should buy one, just click the button... review by Radio-Flyer on 17/01/2021

    Everybody needs one of these, great performance right out of the box, runtime is around 45 minutes per tank, very cheap to run on unleaded petrol, endless amount of upgrades available, spares are not an issue, it really is amazing, this thing will get you hooked on large scale RC for sure.

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Do Losi 5t parts fit?
yes most of the 5ive-T parts will fit in
Team RCMZ answered on 23 December 2019
I live the the USA is the price the same in dollars or is it different?
Hi, Our prices are in GBP so you would be given an exchange rate once when you go through with your payment this is usually provided by your bank or Paypal answered on 3 June 2021
Hi, I'm interested in buying one of these trucks in Black. Any idea when you will have more stock in please.
Hi, We should have more stock due in Feb answered on 22 January 2021
Do you stock the alloy upgrades? If so is there a lot of upgrades for it?
Yes we do, fitment will be same as Rovan LT, KM X2, Losi 5ive-T
Adam answered on 18 November 2020
Hi! When are you gonna get more 30 DNT Shortcourse Truck RTR. Im looking to by one.
New delivery is on route
Team RCMZ answered on 9 May 2019

Q: What's the difference between RTR, ARTR, ROLLER and Build Kits?

A: Although this can change between Brands the general terms for these are as follows:

RTR - Ready To Run (Car comes assembled and everything is included for you to run the car however setup is still required and Transmitter Batteries may be required.)

ARTR - Almost Ready To Run (Car can come either assembled or partly assembled. Accessories are Required to complete and get the car up and running.)

ROLLER - A Roller or Rolling Chassis (Car comes assembled, without Engine or Electronics. Accessories are needed to complete this car. Setup is required.)

Build Kits - These come Unassembled, Accessories may be needed to complete (these will be listed in the description of the products). Paint can be required

Q: Can I just bash these cars straight away?

A: No, these are advanced models, they require setting up, checking over and you will be required to perform regular maintenance on them, such as but not limited to thread-locking and tightening bolts, cleaning and protecting bearings and changing and topping up shock/ diff oils. If you do not want to learn this part of the hobby we recommend purchasing a model with a smoother learning curve.

Q: What is an easy pull-start?

A: An Easy Pullstarter uses a different mechanism to the standard pull starts, they are spring-loaded and do not require as much of a pull to start the engine. If you pull the easy pull starter too hard especially whilst your engine is flooded you can break the internals and you will need to purchase a new pull-start.

Note: Please check the description of the car you have as an easy pull start and standard pull-start are not compatible with each other however as with the easy start pulling the standard pull-start too hard or whilst your engine is flooded(increased compression) will break your pull-start.