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30 DNB - Roller Buggy

30 DNB - Roller Buggy

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30 DNB - Roller Buggy


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Regular Price: £599.99

Special Price £534.99


30 Degree North Buggy

A Rolling Chassis Version of the 30 Degree North Buggy


Note: Pics may show parts that are not included such as but not limited to Engine & Electronics. This is a barebones roller we have listed the parts needed to complete below:

Needed to Complete:

  • 2 Stroke Engine + Engine Spacers
  • Servos x2 (65mm Type)
  • Radio Gear/Handset & Receiver
  • Receiver Battery (Approx 125mm Long)
  • 2 Stroke Oil
  • Petrol
  • 8-AA Controller Batteries


This is the Brand New 4WD Buggy from 30 Degree North, While they are an all New Buggy to the market, They are Made by the Same great manufacturer that builds the well known DTT line of 1/5th scale trucks, Which are a Well Proven truck, Strong & Durable in nearly all conditions.

They are a Totally New Designed & Laid out 5th scale Buggy, The engine placement is more Rear biased for better balance, The Exhaust Side Fender is 'Vented' to allow Heat to escape, and creates a Negative Draw inside the Bodies to help remove the heat inside, the 'Throttle & Brake' servo is moved to the Rear of the chassis giving a Direct line to the Brake meaning you've got a really strong braking force.

The Brakes themselves incorperate Sintered brake pads on their surface, to grip the Discs like a 'Real' vehicle, They've got a Completely New Design in 'Air-Filter' tech Which has a 'Duel' Foam filter at the front, in direct airflow from the front of the Bodies, They then have a fully enclosed 'Air-Box' which bolts directly to the carbs manifolds, Their Bodies have been designed for Maximum Air-Flow, both 'In & Out' of the Buggy To get the Cool air In, and the Hot air Out as fast as possible.

These Buggies also feature a Brand New designed 4WD drivetrain in their centre, Featuring 'Ball-Drive' Tech on the Centre driveline, with a:

  • Billet Alloy Centre driveshaft mount
  • 30 Degree 'Spirit Silenced' Tuned Pipes
  • 30 Degree North 'Signature' Mini-Pin Tyres
  • 'Push-Pull' Steering arms
  • Roll-over engine protection supports

All this and the well known Strong 30 Degree North construction throughout.


The 30 DNB features aluminium shocks with over-sized 7mm shock shafts designed to stand up to massive punishment.

Adjustable threads and a wide variety of available shock oils mean you can tune them to suit any Track or terrain.

30 Degree North "Spirit" Silenced Tuned Pipe

Their lightweight Tuned Spirit Silenced Pipe has been designed specifically for the 30 DNB Designed to get even power from the engine over the previous generation of the 30DNB. It's mounted to the Engine and also has a built in mount as part of the silencer, the silencer uses the bolt holes on the Rear Diff housing as mounting points to keep it secure. The silencer is a Separate unit, so it could be possible to run the pipe without it in place.

30DN Spirit Silenced Exhaust Pipe

Steering System

Wheel Base

Engine Protection Plate


Once your Car is received

Please ensure you check your car over for any loose nuts and Bolts, Threadlock as required. Please also check oil levels in your shocks and Differentials and Fill if required BEFORE use. As failure of any parts due to lack of oil or loose parts will not be covered under warranty.

Please Refer to the Starter Guide on our website for any Help before running your car

Additional Information

Scale 1:5
Fuel Type Petrol
Colour Clear
Brand 30 Degrees North
Car Type Buggy
Drive Type 4WD
SKU 30DNB-roller

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Q: What's the difference between RTR, ARTR, ROLLER and Build Kits?

A: Although this can change between Brands the general terms for these are as follows:

RTR - Ready To Run (Car comes assembled and everything is included for you to run the car however setup is still required and Transmitter Batteries may be required.)

ARTR - Almost Ready To Run (Car can come either assembled or partly assembled. Accessories are Required to complete and get the car up and running.)

ROLLER - A Roller or Rolling Chassis (Car comes assembled, without Engine or Electronics. Accessories are needed to complete this car. Setup is required.)

Build Kits - These come Unassembled, Accessories may be needed to complete (these will be listed in the description of the products). Paint can be required

Q: Can I just bash these cars straight away?

A: No, these are advanced models, they require setting up, checking over and you will be required to perform regular maintenance on them, such as but not limited to thread-locking and tightening bolts, cleaning and protecting bearings and changing and topping up shock/ diff oils. If you do not want to learn this part of the hobby we recommend purchasing a model with a smoother learning curve.

Q: What is an easy pull-start?

A: An Easy Pullstarter uses a different mechanism to the standard pull starts, they are spring-loaded and do not require as much of a pull to start the engine. If you pull the easy pull starter too hard especially whilst your engine is flooded you can break the internals and you will need to purchase a new pull-start.

Note: Please check the description of the car you have as an easy pull start and standard pull-start are not compatible with each other however as with the easy start pulling the standard pull-start too hard or whilst your engine is flooded(increased compression) will break your pull-start.